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Fiona Hoptman
0414 787 146
To a herbalist, such as myself, herbs are therapeutic agents used to maintain or improve health and treat illness.

Herbal Medicine is a traditional form of treatment derived from plants, many of these treatments were used since the stone ages. Today with advances in technology and medical standards, the combination of empirical knowledge with modern science and research is used.

Fiona uses botanical & medical research and practical experience when prescribing herbal medicine for your presenting symptoms and/or pre-diagnosed condition.

The liquid form of medicinal herbs is more absorbable by the body and less processing takes place, retaining many of the key plant constituents for optimum benefit. The use of herbs in a liquid form also means that a formula can be made on premises during consultation by Fiona.

Safe & Professional

As a qualified herbalist you are advised of the correct dosing and duration for your presenting illness. This can then be monitored and assessed professionally during treatment. There are some contra-indications if you are on pharmaceutical medications and this will be discussed and assessed prior to prescribing.

The herbal medicines are manufactured according to the Australian Government’s Code of Good Manufacturing Practice. Manufacturing plants are strictly regulated and audited by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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